Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Review

The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta recently went live for Xbox gold members, and after playing the beta I do have to question whether it was a wise decision to have a public beta for this game.

After playing MoH for a few hours trying to give it the best chance to let it show me what it has to offer I have to say that my hopes and expectations for this game have crashed and burned. As soon as I finished my play session I jumped in the car drove to my local EB Games and cancelled my preorder. I really did want to enjoy this game and hoped that it was an awesome game to play for a few months, but from the instant the beta had finished loading and I jumped into my first game I was unable to find anything positive to say about the game other than I will be saving $110 by not buying this game.

From my time with MoH I found there to be many issues with the game.

Such as the spawn system in this game, I have never been a fan of spawning in on a team mate system as it makes for extremely annoying gun fights where you will spot an enemy and fire, only to have a second person pop in and shoot you at the same time often causing annoying deaths. But I was surprised to find that Danger Close had attempted to address this by not allowing anyone to spawn in on a squad mate if they are in a fire fight and while I still spawned in only to get instantly taken out it was nice to see an attempt at addressing this issue that has bothered me for a number of games and years now, but unfortunately it really doesn’t make up for the amount of times I saw someone on the enemy team just spawn in right in front of me and be shot being completely blindsided from every direction.

The maps in the beta also didn’t help MoH’s case with them choosing a map that really doesn’t have any real flow just a tone of choke points to get bogged down in creating immensely slow gameplay and more or less very similar to 2010’s MoH, having the match basically turn into a sniper lobby. If this was the full game One bad map wouldn’t  bother me too much because lets be honest every game has poor maps in it every game has at atleast one badly designed map that just doesn’t work well and is annoying for most players, the reason I think that it made me worry when playing is the fact that the IT IS A BETA, with MoH being around two weeks away from release, you would want to put one of your best maps into the beta to make as many people who may be on the fence about buying your game enjoy it as much as possible and if this particular map is one of the best that Medal of Honor has to offer the map design will not have too many fans.

LAG know lag is always an issue in any game and can make or break a game but it is also important to not get something like lag/latency/ping confused with poor hit detection or even lag compensation from the game that shall not be named. This was probably my biggest problem that I had with MoH as on most gunfights you will fire several shots on a person before they run around a corner which should have been enough to put them down but instead not a single hit is registered. However when it is you being shot the exact opposite happens to you a lot of the time, as you will clearly make it safely around a corner while being fired upon to think that you have made a safe retreat only after a second to be seemingly be shot from around the corner Wanted style, and this doesn’t just happen every now and again this would happen every single game for a large number of deaths which is just another reason that had me wanting to turn MoH off and play something else.

The graphics in this game just appeared dated and washed out and it was extremely noticeable from the first game that i played that these graphics just didn’t compare to its competitors out there which for me personally isn’t a really big deal I more base my decision whether i like a game or not by how smooth gameplay which in MoH case it was rather smooth for a 30 FPS game and also good controls, but it never hurts to have your game looking just as good as your competitors in which you are trying to pull fans from.

In terms of navigating the menu’s to select your weapons and classes to describe it as confusing would be an understatement. There is just to many options and buttons especially when you compare it to games like Battlefield 3 selection screens. Battlefield 3 has a great deal of customization to its classes yet it does it in a stylish streamlined way yet MoH seems to just have options and buttons all over the the screen which just makes it confusing and not in an intuitive way. Also the actual player hud which just has way to much stuff going on and is far too cluttered, between your health, ammo, rounds in your magazine, grenades and the name of your grenades, the mini map, killfeed, objective window, score streaks window,  the grenade launcher icon and the squad spawning in on you icon, not too mention the weapon with the oversized sight, the screen feels ridiculously cluttered and seriously needs cutting down and streamlining. It was one of the things that threw me off instantly as soon as I jumped into my first match

Overall though I feel that it has just been one big mistake to release a beta for Medal of Honor Warfighter as a whole, as all it has done is make me not want to buy this game, like many other people I wanted this game to rock, I was extremely hopeful for this game and really excited to play it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, upload some gameplay to youtube and talk about it. But unfortunately after a few hours of play time I was able to tell that this game was not going to be very well received even in comparison to MoH 2010, and at the end of the day I proceeded to cancel my preorder and spend my money elsewhere, so to both Battlefield and Call of Duty fans I can see neither of these two groups of players being impressed with this game and with the release of so many shooter titles coming especially Halo 4 close to two weeks out from when MoH launches, I can see this game getting forgotten among the bigger titles that just have a higher polish than MoH.


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